DSDS has worked with several medium sized producing companies assisting in generating cost models for lease sale planning purposes. This work usually involves developing and illustrating production system concepts and generating conceptual level CAPEX and OPEX estimates.

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DSDS takes a systems approach to their project work with operability of the system throughout the field life being a significant contributor to the system design. This involves an understanding of hydrate formation behavior and their prevention and remediation during transient flow conditions. The impact of operability/systems engineering on a development is usually measured by uptime and ultimately project economics.

The principles at DSDS bring with them a background in equipment design and offshore installation experience for subsea and floating systems.

DSDS personnel are typically involved in projects serving as part of the client’s project team representing their interests with the project contractors and equipment suppliers.

Our systems design and project management capabilities have evolved from a hardware background. Most of DSDS’s staff has worked in subsea system equipment design with the major equipment suppliers. This background provides insight into the functionality of the system components as well as recognition of the criticality of system interfaces between components and vendors.

DSDS also has experienced personnel in offshore production operations. This capability combined with the equipment background provides us with a unique understanding of the impact of operability on the overall system design. This experience has also led to our involvement in the planning and execution of a number of subsea system commissioning and start up operations including establishing baseline operating data which is used as a reference during the development operating life.

DSDS personnel are all company employees and not contract labor. This provides continuity to us and our clients for the life of a project and beyond into the operating phase and ultimately through abandonment. Our employees are involved in all phases of a project including working offshore to coordinate installation operations for subsea equipment. We can provide individuals to work as a part of your project team or we can provide a team to manage and execute the work. We are available to work at the client’s offices or at our own facility. DSDS is located on the Northwest side of Houston.